Our objectives

To provide quality research, embracing diversity yet ensuring protection of universal human rights Quality of our research.

  1. Universal human rights
  2. Worthwhile research
  3. The tools of our research

This Network is innovative insofar as it promotes academic research by linking academics from different countries who are specialists in the field of biomedical ethics. The research presented by the Network results from a specific working methodology. The themes identified by the steering committee are explored in a workshop setting which promotes the essential discussion and exchanges between representatives from different disciplines. The results of the workshop are published in French, and then in English by Bruylant (Brussels)  to facilitate international circulation.

Universal human rights

As the ethics of biomedicine concern any given society’s perception on life, suffering and death, they cannot be detached from philosophical, cultural or religious beliefs. Although the work of this Network seeks to promote respect for diverse cultures and religions, it also aims to contribute to the question of universal human rights and values. Through its work, the IANB participates in the international enquiry on the regulation of biomedicine.

Worthwhile research

Research is carried out on themes identified by the Network members as raising important biomedical issues. Existing systems in the countries represented are thus presented. The IANB’s mission is ambitious – to provide the European and international communities with studies which will inform their development of the regulation of biomedical practices.

The tools of our research

  • Workshops
  • Publications